Joe Fell :

Recording Technician

- Joe was introduced to electronics while working in the U.S. Navy where he worked repairing electronic systems on aircraft in a training squadron. He later became a flight-line quality assurance technician and also worked on the catapult systems on-board aircraft carriers. As Joe likes to say, “working on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier was the" most exciting and dangerous jobthat I ever had”. Having completed his enlistment he returned to his home town where he worked for a local microelectronic equipment manufacturer as a programmer and troubleshooter for mechanical assembly equipment.

- Joe then moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area where he worked for Medtronics Corporation in their Micro-Rel division. After working as a process engineering technician (where he also did programming and troubleshooting for manufacturing equipment), he moved to Michigan in order to be closer to family. Shortly afterwards, he went to work for United Technologies Automotive, later purchased by Lear Corporation.

- It was at Lear where he began the next phase of his electronics and signal-processing career as a sound quality technician, over the years performing (literally) thousands of tests assessing product sound quality for the automotive sector. All together, Joe has worked since 1995 programming, fabricating, specifying, and maintaining various forced-response-test hardware used to perform acoustic, sound quality, and mechanical durability tests.

- Joe holds an Associate’s Degree in Electronic and Electrical Systems from Wayne State University, summa cum laude.

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