This sounds appealing, but what’s the catch? What do I need to think about?

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– Three things: The acoustics of the space, the performance of the artist(s), and the house sound mix. – We regularly work with sound engineers during sound checks to ensure that the house sound is most suitable for recording and can assist in house equalization if warranted.

– Unlike multi-track techniques where “we’ll fix it in the mix” is often the answer to many problems; our recordings require that the artist(s) are playing well together, musically speaking. – Thus, our technique is not for every musical act or occasion out there, but for those willing to address the individual factors in the interest of the finished product, the results can be spectacular.

– If the acoustics, the mix, or the performance are lacking then we’re probably not the right approach for you to use, because unlike multi-track, most flaws (apart from simple issues such as room equalization issues) cannot be fixed in the mix.