What is meant by ‘compression’ in MP3 files?

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What is meant by ‘compression’ in MP3 files?


– Compression is a technique whereby a new version of a file is made smaller by altering its content, thus ensuring that less disk or memory space can be used compared to the original file.

– A heavily-compressed file will be only 15% or so of the original file size. A lightly compressed file (say, 192 kbps or greater) will sound more like the original file than will a highly compressed file (i.e. less than 128 kbps).

– We at Immersifi believe that the best compression is no compression. We consider MP3 et al to be a necessary evil for web demonstrations, portable players, and the like – if we used wav files for our sample sounds page, you would have to wait a comparatively long time to hear the file(s).

– However, unless requested by the client, we provide all files in an uncompressed format to preserve the fidelity. You, as the client can of course do with them what you wish

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