Will Immersifi record my performance in a way other than binaural?

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– Yes. Although binaural recordings are our specialty and passion, we recognize that in certain instances a traditional stereo mix may be desired by some customers. In such instances, we will provide a ‘traditional format’ stereo (X-Y, ORTF, or M-S) or another custom microphone arrangement stereo recording instead of a binaural recording.

– However, you can have both. That is, if you prefer, we can provide you with both binaural and traditional stereo mixes (synchronously recorded)…and…we can even provide these recordings made at various locations in the venue. This allows you to compare the two versions and see which you prefer.

– Thus, for clients who plan on their own production / mixing work, you will have the binaural and traditional-format stereo recordings (synchronously recorded) at your disposal for the mixing or production process.

– You then have the ability to mix these signals in order to achieve your own artistic vision of the performance, to create specific sonic effects, or simply to document what different parts of the audience heard in the performance.