- Here are some links to people that we know and trust in the field of Acoustics, and whose reputations are well-established:


- Here’s a brief list of some of the most recent venues in which we have worked:

  • The Fillmore - Detroit, MI.
  • The Crofoot - Pontiac, MI.
  • The Ark - Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Baker's Keyboard Lounge - Detroit, MI.
  • Saint Andrew's Hall - Detroit, MI.
  • Elvis Fest - (2009) - Ypsilanti, MI.
  • Pike Place Market - Seattle, WA.


- Here’s a couple of webpages that may help with purchasing new headphones.


Pronunciation: \ I-'mer-si,-fi \

Function:  NOUN \ VERB :

  • the act of immersing or the state of being immersed :
  • as a baptism by complete submersion of one's self in High-Fidelity
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