What They Say About Us :

- “This is the best recording I have heard of the band in a live venue hands down". We have had the show multi-tracked and mixed in studio before and while they have turned out very well, this technique is capable of capturing the experience from the audience’s perspective in a very true to life way. " It is the closest thing to being there.”

- Phil Hornung, FOH Engineer, Sam Roberts Band -

- " I had never heard myself actually play the piano like this", I mean , I had recitals recorded, but never like this. Listening to the playback made me feel like I could hear every nuance of my performance. It didn't even sound like a recording to me - "it sounded like I was sitting in the auditorium."

- Enrico S. , Stevens Point, WI.

- " When I heard the playback of our party I was stunned! ", I kept thinking I was in the middle of the party even though it had ended the day before. In fact, I forgot "I was listening to a recording "

- It's that good " - Michael B. , Ann Arbor, MI.


Pronunciation: \ I-'mer-si,-fi \

Function:  NOUN \ VERB :

  • the act of immersing or the state of being immersed :
  • as a baptism by complete submersion of one's self in High-Fidelity
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